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Losing the house

Well. roommmate wife leaves and drops finances on the myself as well with the other two. Both were had jobs lined up. My webcamming was picking up somewhat and no matter what need 200$ to by the 1st coming up. I have 50$ from doing stuff.I doubt Im going to make it. Imma end up losing the house and be stuck in this very small town in religious rural area. Not Good.

Pinterest Makeup Lies!


LISTEN UP! I was just perusing Pinterest, and this picture came up on my “everything” page;

No. Good lord NO. Don’t soak your brushes, ever. Especially not for 20 minutes. If you let your brushes sit in a cup full of water, the barrel will get loose and your handle/bristles will come apart!…


Just a few of the AMAZE photos that are in the debut issue of the Powder Room Magazine shot by Heidi Calvert.

Teaser photo from my shoot for The Powder Room Magazine ♡♡ 

Photographer: Heidi Calvert
Assistant: Ana Ferrer
MUA: Natasha Marcelina
Hair: Cha Cha the Hairstylist 
Styling: Brent Bryant

(via curvesandconfidence)