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So I say you should enjoy this lovely woman’s music, as well as her modeling she has done for me and others.(Picture is the link)

So I say you should enjoy this lovely woman’s music, as well as her modeling she has done for me and others.

(Picture is the link)

I know this is pointless and probably make me come off as materialistic

Though life has just been shit. If anybody would be nice enough to paypal me whatever amount so I could maybe afford some nice new cheap clothes/lingerie/wigs/heels whatever.

Just life for me for years have been shit and I don’t see anybody that will help me out in a big way. So asking for smaller things.

Could really use it for a self esteem boost. Since clothes and fashion in general does that for me as an outlet. As well when I use my photography skill (mainly in Glamour/Boudoir/Pin-up/Fashion/Fetish genre) for self photography and the response/compliments help me feel better for a temporary fix which I could really use.

I would most definitely wouldn’t mind sharing the photos I took for those kind enough to do so. I mean if you wanted even an erotic picture in return I wouldn’t mind doing so. 

If not. I understand. Can’t really expect people to give up their money so I can buy what really in the end isn’t a hardcore need but you know just trying to do what I can to make it and feel as best I can in my situation.

When you’re a parent of a girl, At what point does one go from parental authority (kinda not the best word) to further perpetuating sexism/misogyny?


I really want responses on this

Obvious case to me is, say when it comes to her outfit (lets say 16 year old) and she decides to wear something that could lean more towards the provocative side of fashion.

When does telling your answer of no (if it is) go from your parental duties/authority to being (sexist/misogynistic) in this case most likely slut-shaming.


Completely Change of Topic and Even Though Like It Matters…

I hate the fact that all the awesome drag queens I see on social media, or on RuPaul’s Drag Race never really perform in Kansas.

Though like it matters ‘cause I’m only 19. The closest gay/drag bar is 2 1/2 - 3 hours away. I’m completely broke and can’t get a job if my life depended on it with no transportation.

So this trans* woman will just have to stick here in Hell, with no escape even for a little bit.

God I hate life sometimes. Which by sometimes. I mean… ALLL THE TIME.

Wanting A Hairstyle, and now I’m racist?


I’m not a P.o.C. I’m white. I have been wanting to get micro-braids for quite some time, all over my head. Though so many, which weirdly it’s been white people say such, that wanting such is racist. 

What? First I really don’t want to hear white people try to dictate what’s racist whether you’re trying to say “That’s not racist.”, or “That is racist.”. I would much rather that be left to people of color. I know so many white people like to think their well verse in the plight that people of color go through. Though chances are you aren’t that well versed and potentially will be racist yourself (at least something people of color would consider racist).

While a few people of color have also said this was racist for me to want this hair color (namely younger kids that from this area. Small town in rural area in Kansas). I feel like this is some defensive mechanism and I can’t blame them. Interracial relationships are still an issue here. I would know ‘cause I have seen it with my own eyes (My mom & step-dad are engaged in an interracial relationship). 

THOUGH Imma still have to express how that is all bulshit. I’m not trying to say what isn’t racist but I might sound like a hypocrite here. No race, ethnicity, nationality, or anything OWNS or has a right to claim any hairstyle as theirs. Now a hairstyle may be well associate with certain groups ‘cause you’ll see plenty people of color with micro-braids and other styles. The hair texture many have just works better with such hair styles than my hair texture.

Now let’s move on to the fact that those who were saying it was racist, I think ended up making a racist statement themselves (I only say this ‘cause I have heard a majority of people of color, especially black people object to such statements). “Why are you trying to look black?”, is what usually said by nobody but the whites, so far. Now I would like to bring a few key points.

  1. Black people are not the only P.o.C who don this hairstyle. You just stereotyped.
  2. WIth context & tone, it sounds like to you “looking black” is inherently a bad thing.
  3. It’s not possible to “look black”. You either are or aren’t. Races/Ethnicity are fashion statements people can wear. There is no look. If you don’t notice P.o.C wear all fashion/hairstyles. For you to reduce them down to a look (epsiclaly since the number one look that people do that with is Urban/Ghetto look) Which isn’t bad but usually within context of how most put it. They have a negative connotation to it.

In the end, I just don’t see how’s it’s racist. It’s just a hairstyle I have wanted ‘cause I feel it would fit me. It’s a lovely hairstyle.

If I’m in the wrong somehow. I welcome to be enlightened. I’ll accept it. Preferably from a person of color so I can have that in depth educational moment


Haven’t self harmed for 5 months on my arms and all together not for a month and a half. I get urges all the time and it’s so hard to not but I’m getting there :)

Losing the house

Well. roommmate wife leaves and drops finances on the myself as well with the other two. Both were had jobs lined up. My webcamming was picking up somewhat and no matter what need 200$ to by the 1st coming up. I have 50$ from doing stuff.I doubt Im going to make it. Imma end up losing the house and be stuck in this very small town in religious rural area. Not Good.